AMPT imaging

AMPT imaging came about due the lack of quality Australian photographers and writers covering the bodybuilding/fitness industry. As I cannot be at every event it was best to have an umbrella to work from so even if the image work is not from Rob himself it will still be of the same high standard that everyone has become accustomed to. The wording of “AMPT” was chosen meaning excited, stoked, electrifying, etc.

Rob Czempinski

Rob has been very actively involved in the Fitness & Body Building industry for over 11 years now. His roles include being a National level IFBB judge, Head Western Australian INBA Judge and Head Western Australian IFBB Judge.

Through his involvement in the industry he became aware that many of the photographic images were possibly not doing justice to the athlete’s form. As a keen photographic enthusiast already, it was from that point forward, he took the plunge and started capturing professional images. It wasn’t long before his raw talent and trained eye was capturing some of the most spectacular images ever seen in the bodybuilding industry. Very quickly promoters of shows, magazines and websites where very keen to have his work featured.

Rob has had many magazine cover shots, articles, show reviews, results and images splashed around the finest media outlets all around the world. Bodybuilding giants both Bodybuilding.com and Muscular Development, massive USA based companies, often engage Rob’s services to cover shows, events, online competitions

His area of specialty is the Fitness and Body Building industry. He has covered local and world championships, capturing both stage and backstage studio shots. Location shoots for magazines and model portfolios are his passion and his work has been printed in numerous publications around the world.