Organization of Competitive Bodybuilders (OCB)

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Jan 262010

OCB (Organization of Competitive Bodybuilders) was founded in 2003 by Matt Shepley. The founding principles of OCB were:

  • To offer quality bodybuilding, fitness & figure competitions in the United States.
  • To provide opportunities for athletes to gain media exposure.
  • To offer competitors an avenue to advance to a professional level and have the opportunity to participate in international level competition, if desired, while not having to sacrifice other opportunities that exist in the sport.
  • To allow promoters to have flexibility to produce the events they fund in the manner they feel is best, as long as they’re fair to athletes and drug testing is enforced.

OCB’s drug-free policy was first established as all shows being required to conduct a form of testing. The stated period for being drug-free for shows conducting polygraph testing was 5-years, unless otherwise stated by a promoter.

National Physique Committee (NPC)

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Jan 262010

The NPC has always had the support and recognition of the IFBB, which oversees international competition and the professional side of the sport, and this has been crucial to our success. The IFBB recognizes only one amateur physique federation per country, and in the United States, the NPC is the amateur arm of the IFBB. All bodybuilders – must win a qualifying NPC show before they can become IFBB professionals.

International Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (INBF)

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Jan 262010

Since its founding in 2000, the INBF is the fastest growing drug-tested bodybuilding federation in existence. More than 3000 athletes now belong to this organization, where more than 35 opportunities exist for competition each year across the country. And, with a close affiliation with the NANBF who adhere to the same strict standards of drug-screening and show quality members of the two federations can choose from over 50 competitions annually with one membership card.

This tremendous growth is due to a number of factors. The gateway to the Pro Natural WNBF is an obvious reason, as is the exceptional promotional opportunities that come with Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness magazine. This is the only commercial, newsstand magazine dedicated to the drug-free lifestyle, and each INBF member receives a subscription automatically with their annual membership dues. With the circulation of NB&F growing rapidly, this allows INBF members mainstream publicity for all their hard work and dedication.

But there is more to the INBF: There is no politics involved in the judging process, in the promotion of competitors or in the “control” of where athletes can compete. If they wish to, INBF members can compete wherever they please. It is their choice. But once they’ve had the opportunity to compete in the INBF/NANBF network of shows, why would they want to compete anywhere else anyway.

International Drug Free Athletics (IDFA)

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Jan 262010

International Drug Free Athletics (IDFA), founded in 2005, is committed to promoting drug free (natural) bodybuilding world wide through education, awareness, camaraderie, and community involvement. The IDFA will maintain the integrity of drug free athletics and sport through awareness programs and the promotion and sanctioning of drug free bodybuilding, fitness and figure competitions and shows. The IDFA will have in place strict drug testing guidelines and protocols to ensure a fair playing ground at all IDFA sanctioned events.


1. To promote drug free bodybuilding world wide.
2. To build camaraderie amongst similar drug free athletic and sport organizations.
3. To build camaraderie amongst individual competitors, athletes, models and enthusiasts of drug free athletics and sport.
4. To promote and advocate fair play, ethics and integrity amongst all competitors, athletes, models, trainers, organizers, promoters, sponsors and managers involved in drug free athletics and sport.
5. To develop and promote community role models (‘real people real heroes’); drug free athletes and models who represent the unlimited power of personal potential and are living testimony of human achievement.
6. To maintain the integrity of drug free athletics and sport through awareness programs and the promotion and sanctioning of drug free bodybuilding, fitness and figure competitions and shows.
7. To be a conduit in order to educate both competitor and enthusiast from novice to advanced professional on the training, history and other related aspects of drug free bodybuilding, fitness and figure modeling.
8. To provide and maintain a resource and information clearinghouse for competitors and enthusiasts worldwide through directories, web pages, publications, media and community events.
9. To administer, maintain, oversee, monitor and enforce the IDFA drug testing protocol and guidelines at all IDFA and IDFA sanctioned events.
10. To aid in developing a benchmark of what natural bodybuilding is.
11. To promote and encourage drug free bodybuilding, fitness and figure competitions and events by providing official IDFA sanction status to these events upon request, when IDFA drug free sanctioning protocols and standards have been met.
12. To oversee all IDFA sanctioned events.

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the great mag shoot upload

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Dec 052008

Starting to upload images to private galleries from the private and Hardcore Aussie Muscle mag shoots. There are sooooo many but if you shot with me I will be contacting you as soon as your gallery is up!

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we have lift off

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Nov 242008

All orders from the comps are now completed. For anyone wishing to place an order please do so asap as I will be archiving these images early in the new year.

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we’re having technical difficulties Houston

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Nov 022008

Still working on the images from the WA State titles from both the IFBB and the INBA. Sorry for the delay but technical difficulties beyond my control have now been fixed and I hope to have all the discs out by the end of this week.

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back from the IFBB Nationals

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Oct 222008

WOW, what a few weeks. Just got back from the IFBB Nationals in Sydney. Probably one of the best line ups I have seen in recent years.
For those who stayed for the beach shoots on Monday, at Coogee, thank you. Please give me some time to post your galleries.
For those who have placed orders after the recent events I am slowly churning through them. Next run of the NABBA Nationals should be early next week. The week after I should get a chance to start the WA INBA and IFBB shows. The commissioned photo shoots will be next and then, finally, the free shoots (there’re ones for HCAM magazine)
For the local shows please fill out the order form HERE.
PLEASE NOTE, I am unable to take CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS anymore – EFT is preferred.

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